These FAQ's do not replace the Terms of Service that you have to read and agree with when you Sign up.
They are meant to answer most common questions.

You own any copyright over the material uploaded to our website. By uploading your code however, you give us permission to host it, share it and use it for the purposes set forth by as long as the Hackme is hosted on our platform.

You are responsible for the code you upload and any third party copyright involved with your code.
Yes you can as long as the third party code is licensed with GPL, LGPL or any similar licensing mechanism that allows code to be freely shared.

You are responsible for any copyright infringement in your uploads so please make sure you have rights before uploading third party code.
Yes. We moderate all of the pages in your Hackme. Community will also have the chance to report abuses in case hidden or suspicious contents are hosted on our website.
No. You are not allowed to include advertisement of any kind within your Hackme. employs all available means to make sure this does not happen. Should this happen, responsibility for illegal use is of the final users.
Yes you can delete your code at any time.
When you make your Hackme public, you give us rights to show your web application to the world. Everyone will be able to search for your Hackme and run it. If you wish to keep your Hackme for yourself you should instead use the 'Only me' visibility level.
Your Hackme will not be searchable or visible to anybody. You will be the only one who can see it and who can run it.